The Awkward Moment When…

at the end of ‘The Other Woman’, a movie featuring Nicki Minaj, an ending credits song comes out featuring Iggy Azalea. XD 

the LOLZ.


Every paycheck time I start working on my accounting, as well as my husbands. I divide the money up to make sure we have enough for all our payments as well as saving. 

Right now things are looking a little rough. Not because we don’t have enough for our payments, but because we wish he had more to splurge lol. We are big nerd collectors so it’d be nice if we had shit loads of money for comics, action figures, books and shirts. XD

Here’s how its looking right now:

My Husband:

Total Checkings: $791.95
Payments: $627.69
Gas: $40
Spending Money: $124.26


Total Checkings: $1,191.76
Payments: $1,043.35
Gas: $60
Spending Money: $88.41

We also have our savings account where i also divide it in a too complex way to explain lol. But yeah, our spending money seems like we have enough, but its not, because thats what we use for groceries as well. 

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Before all i would do on Tumblr was blog….and lately i haven’t done it. All i do now is reblog things lol. 

I feel like I haven’t had time for myself. Most of the time i’m working or my husband is here and i can’t be ignoring him obviously.

Well, there’s this girl i used to work with, her name is Bianca, and she’s a stay at home mom and i just admire her. She seems like fucking supermom. I feel like the whole traditional stay at home mom with three kids is pretty amazing….i mean, i totally support the working mom too, obviously, but her life (or at least how she’s painting it like on facebook) seems very amazing…like a lost art. I know thats not the life for me however, if God ever does decide to give me a child, i do wanna stay at home but for only a while. I do wanna become a counselor some day. 

Anywho, i am sick:/ I’ve got a runny nose, itchy throat, and feel like i’m heating up. Not fun, especially cus next week i start school. 

I’m so fucking nervous about this next semester. I need two more semesters to go then i graduate and MUST FIND A GOOD JOB. A grown up job. I hope to God that i do find one. I’m so nervous and scared. Plus right now our bills are not looking so good. I mean, my husband and I went from earing around $300 every two weeks, to now making over $500 every two weeks. But it seems the more money we make,the more payments come our way

This is the last semester we’ll be free, lol, we will be moving into our parents houses by january, and thats a little scary. It has felt so liberating living alone. But oh well, we need to save for a house. We only have a thousand dollars so far, we are aiming for at least $5000. 

good luck to me.

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lady gaga commanding her gays


lady gaga commanding her gays

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when a teacher asks you if you understand the work and you don’t 


*gets 0 on the test*


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Summarizes my week last week.


Tribute artwork cartoon evolution of Robin Williams created by Jeff Victor


Tribute artwork cartoon evolution of Robin Williams created by Jeff Victor

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Reblog If You Grew Up With This







NOT this:


kids these days are so spoiled

when i was your age we had an animated disney castle intro

and we had to walk uphill both ways to see it

Barefoot, in the snow

Running away from velociraptors


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